About my Pilates journey

You’re on this page to find out about me, so here you go…

Just like many, I first discovered Pilates as a way to combat back problems. I loved the feeling that it gave me afterwards, so I attended as many classes as I could to try to help. Back then, I didn’t really know what I was doing, so pushed myself to my limit. This meant that my back didn’t actually get better! It was eventually a wonderful lesson which helped me learn just how intricate Pilates is and the importance of exercising safely. Discovering this kickstarted my thirst for knowledge on the subject.

I started focussing on discovering my own body and getting as deep as possible within it. This focus and use of breath not only helped improve my body, but additionally had a meditative effect that is usually more associated with yoga. I really hope to enable everyone to find this whilst improving themselves as a whole. You can find out more about Pilates here.


The instant I visited the city I knew I had to live here and 1 year later made the move. I had been practising Pilates for 7 years when I moved to Brighton. It is the perfect place for photography (another passion & profession) and for well-being. Moving here gave me beautiful visions of Pilates classes in the sun on Hove lawns. I always wanted to teach- mainly to share with as many as possible all the aspects Pilates can bring into your life- and being in Brighton gave even more inspiration to do so.

Pilates on Brighton beach

About my training

The amazingly knowledgeable Allison Swan at Pilates Matwork Teacher Training trained me for a year, helping me quickly discover how vast Pilates is. The more I learnt, the more I wanted and felt I needed to learn. Many a day & night is spent down a rabbit-hole researching all about the body. With this enjoyment of learning, Pilates rapidly took over my life. Friends are now bored senseless by my ramblings on so I need to share this with as many others as possible before they can’t hear anymore!

  • PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) membership
  • YMCA Level 3 Pilates Matwork Teaching
  • YMCA Level 2 & 3 Anatomy & Physiology
  • Level 2 Emergency First Aid at Work
  • Reiki Usui System Certified Healer
  • Reiki, Seichem & Violet Flame Certified Practitioner
  • Full insurance for your own peace of mind.

Pilates is a life-long study so I am continually attending workshops to further my knowledge inside and outside of the exercise system.

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