Get your balls out!


After the blog post on stabilisation and focusing on what you’re not moving (if you haven’t already you can have a read of it here), I started wondering how to help group classes, clients, and myself, to be even more aware. So after experimenting with tennis balls to no avail (balls were going everywhere…so to speak) I came to the solution of using juggling balls!

The beauty of these is that they are not perfectly round. This means you can place them on body parts without them immediately¬†falling off…unlike tennis balls I discovered. They are also malleable so you can change the difficulty level by making them more, or less, spherical.

They also give great tactile feedback. The brain naturally focuses more on the area you place them as it can feel something there. You also feel them move more than you would your own body, so really get a sense of just how stable you are or are not.

They can be used with so many Pilates exercises to not only give feedback but to add an extra challenge. I will be making a workout video using them so keep your eyes peeled for that, or come to a class and give it a try (I did well to avoid 2 innuendos in 1 blog post there).

So get yourself a juggling ball and get creative with it. There’s no end you can do with them and you get to have a little juggle after too!

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