Here you can find Pilates videos to follow, including the fundamentals, individual exercises and full workouts. It’s not always possible to get to a class so now the class can come to you. To help you get the most of Pilates, the 101 series will help youdevelop the ‘basic’ techniques. I use inverted commas as there is always something new to learn in even the most basic of movements. That is one of the beauties of Pilates!

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Pilates Videos

Pilates 101-

Short tutorials guiding you through some of the fundamental principles and exercises in Pilates. Here you can learn about lots of the terms you’ll regularly hear in class. You’ll even learn how to breathe!

Pilates 34-

Tutorials for the 34 original exercises Joseph Pilates included in Return to Life Through Contrology. Yes The Hundred was the warm-up exercise believe it or not!


Relaxation is just as important as exercise. It gives your body a chance to fully recover after a workout and a chance to notice the subtle differences in your body which would otherwise go unnoticed. Savasana or Shavasana is a great way to do this and found nearly every Yoga class.